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A few stories from our female members of how two people succeeded in forging a meaningful connection using our service
  • Alina, 31
    Yes, we all know men want sex. But this stereotype often does more harm than good in relationships. I met the man who doesn’t only want to have sex with me, he wants to feel CONNECTED to me!
  • Iryna, 27
    I appreciate a sense of real closeness — physical, mental, or emotional. And the man I met here displays his affection whether he looks at me from a distance or holds me in his arms!
  • Antonina, 35
    Being supportive of the man in my life can do a world of good. That is why I support all my partner’s endeavors and strive to be not only his partner but also a best friend. Happy to find my husband here!
  • Elena, 29
    I searched for the One at offline dates for 5 years with zero success. And I was sure that online won’t work for me either or that any of my dates evolve into something serious. But it worked and we’ve been together for one year!
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